Welcome, you! Here you are about to read about my professional affiliations. Generally speaking my work is transdisciplinary, moving across fields of media design, humanistic studies and emerging information and communication technology. In there, inside the heart of a project, I am inspired to learn about the context, understand relations and socio-cultural values, as well as identify clear and non-evident objectives. Design is in the core. I pepper the practice with my critical opinions and ethical concerns.  This is why I like to think of myself as a Digital Culture Reformer; a Designer and an avid Investigator of New Media Design. Essentially, I am interested to open, develop and create new horizons that transform human experiences and reform relations through and to technology. 

In the last six years, I am affiliated with Aalto University where I am working as a media design researcher while finishing my doctoral studies. The approach that I have adopted is theory rich, Research Through Design, a practice in R&D of digital products and services that make use of extended reality technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Smart Wearables.  Some of my interests include Systems Thinking and Systems intelligence, Big Data, Embodied interaction, Artificial intelligence, Transformational Design, Posthuman design, Communication and Collaboration Cultures, etc.