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Dear visitor, I’m glad that you are visiting my online space. Welcome 🤗

Here you can find out about my current work, public talks, lecturing and past projects, too.

I’m a design researcher in digital culture, an investigator of the human experiences mediated by technology. In this vast field, some of my favourite topics to research are connected to Open Data, Embodied interaction, Artificial intelligence, Systems Thinking, Transformational Design, Posthuman design, Remote Communication and Collaboration Cultures.

Currently, I am working with the Cicero Learning – Brain, Learning and Technology research network at the Faculty of Education in Helsinki University, on a project called CREDU- CREATING NOVEL TECHNOLOGIES OF SCALABLE AND EMPOWERING LEARNING. In there, I am leading a work package about the relations of ethics, data and design while researching the possibilities of using user data transparently for tailoring ethical learning technology practices in existing and developing learning applications.

I am also a Doctoral Candidate at the MediaLab at Aalto University, Finland with Prof. Teemu Leinonen as my supervisor. 

At the same time, I am lecturing a University-wide course at Aalto University called Design for the Posthuman Era – Critical explorations on the ethics of emerging technologies and I am a member of the network organisation – Design and Posthumainsm.