Tasa-Arvo Pelissa


Tasa-arvo pelissa  is a serious game essentially created to increase the understanding of equality and how equality issues are related to the services offered at the employment office.

The mail goal that the game is striving for is to mitigate gender-based segregation in the labor market and to bring equality into employment services. In addition, it aims to strengthen the customer perspective in the development of services which are supporting employment.

Tasa-arvo pelissa was made possible with the funds of the European Social Fund. The project was implemented by City of VantaaCity of Espoo and Ekvalita, while the game was created by OYOs Games Oy.


The narrative of the game is closely related to the experiences that may happen in the journey of the employment seeker with the help of the employment services in Finland, particularly related to gender equality and job-market segregation. In order to understand different scenarios, in the beginning of the game the player is in the role of a customer exploring the path of an employment seeker. Later on the roles switch and the player impersonates the employment officer, having the opportunities and tools to decide the future of the employment seeker.

Pedagogical approach

The game mechanics of the game are aligned with the ones of the Privilege Game. The player is immersed in a narrative that positions the character on a certain level in relation to other characters based on the choices that one makes. The history of the character is gradually revealed in the journey towards employment and the process of “learning through reflection” happens. The pedagogical approach draws from constructivism and phenomenological ideas of learning.

Visual and audio communication

Just like seeing a good theater play, where the appearance of the actors and stage design is a strong part of the experience, Tasa-arvo pelissa’s aesthetic is created to contribute to the narrative and create a particular experience. In the same way the sound effects and background music make the game a serious playground.

Technology and access

The game is made in Unity and can be played it is browser based. It doesn’t require installing or storing files on your own device.

For best experience, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge browser, even though it functions with Opera and IE as well. In some cases IE may not be sufficiently up to date to support audio in Unity.


These are the people in the production team

Jana Pejoska-Laajola – Game designer and editor-in-chief

Siliana Mitzeva – Visual communication and illustrations

Kristijan Trajkovski – Technical lead and developer

Marko Zarev – Software developer

Simon Stojanovski – Animation

Krunislav Cvetkovski – Sound design

Matti Strahlendorff – Music composer


Työntekija, kunnan työllisyyspalvelut
“Pelissä on oikein hyvä idea, joka varmasti saadan toimimaan tavoitellulla tavalla. Toimii varmasti osana muuta viestintää ja esim. workshoppien tukena. Uskoisin myös, että pienellä perehdytyksellä lähiesimiehet voivat ottaa haltuun pelin ja hyödyntää sitä omassa työssään.”
— Työntekija, kunnan työllisyyspalvelut
Työntekija, kunnan työllisyyspalvelut
“Opin että teemme oletuksia esimerkiksi sukupuolen perusteella.”
— Työntekija, kunnan työllisyyspalvelut
Työntekija, kunnan työllisyyspalvelut
“Olen pitänyt itseäni ennakko luuttomana, pelaamisen jälkeen herätti ajattelemaan asiaa.”
— Työntekija, kunnan työllisyyspalvelut


Few screenshots

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