About us

OYOs Games is made of Jana Pejoska-Laajola and a grand bunch of creatives who work passionately on the design and construction of serious games. With professional history of over 10 years, our forces in R+D in learning environments, gaming culture, game development, illustration and sound design, we build together some serious learning playgrounds.

We are known for making the educational mobile game about mushrooms for kids – Mushy rooms. If you are curious to see how a digitally enhanced foraging experience in the forest looks like, check out Mushy rooms at and let us know what you think. At this point, the game is no longer found at the App Store.

Our latest project is a serious game that aims to raise awareness about gender equality issues at the employment service in Finland. It is a browser-based game, open and free to play for anyone, so do read more about it and play it (in finnish) too if you like.

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